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Fox Entertainment and Angry Mob Games release an official Predators game

We recently talked about Angry Mob Games who had decided to team up with Fox Entertainment in order to bring us an Aliens vs Predator game to Android. While this new game from these two companies today isn’t that Aliens vs Predator game, you will be able to get your predatory fix with their new official Predator game. You’ll be playing as a Predator who is trying to earn full membership into the Predators clan.


[Updated] Dungeon Defenders from Trendy Entertainment disappears from Google Play

It is no secret that Trendy Entertainment have been really focused for awhile now on Dungeon Defenders for Steam and consoles, with the mobile versions getting very minimal updates and very little content updates. Well we are not exactly sure when this happened, although we do know it happened fairly recently, but Dungeon Defenders has disappeared off of the Google Play store. This goes for both of the Dungeon Defenders games.


Sonic CD and Sonic 4: Episode II discounted for Sega’s new sale, enter to win an Xperia Play

Sega has started a back to school sale and while iOS users see more of a benefit than Android gamers do, since more games are discounted on iOS, you can still nab a couple of games for at fairly decent discounted price. Both Sonic CD and Sonic 4: Episode II are now on sale for a limited time. There is also a twist to this sale that might interest some of you out there.