Day: 9 November 2012


Melesta Games to bring Toy Defense to the shores of Android this month

A new tower defense game is heading our way called Toy Defense by Melesta Games later this month. Originally released onto iOS, Melesta Games has decided to bring their game over to Google Play so you can dive into the world of toys and defense gaming. While the visuals are not eye candy like other games in this genre such as Sentinel 3, they are quite solid looking and fit right with the theme of the game.


Crescent Moon Games to bring Paper Monsters to Google Play this month

Fans of Crescent Moon Games and the titles they have published on iOS, and eventually on Android, have been waiting for the day that their games would be made available on Google Play instead of strictly on the Amazon AppStore. We for those of you who have been waiting, the good news is finally arriving on November 16th, 2012 when Crescent Moon Games will bring Paper Monsters to Google Play.


Gameloft’s My Little Pony now available for those looking for cuteness

The other day we mentioned that Gameloft’s upcoming My Little Pony game would be arriving on Android real soon after the iOS version was released. Well a couple of days later, My Little Pony has made its way onto Google Play, ensuring copious amounts of cuteness invading your Android device for those of you who go download it. Get ready to create your own Ponyville and hang out with some pony friends.


Fox Entertainment and Angry Mob Games release an official Predators game

We recently talked about Angry Mob Games who had decided to team up with Fox Entertainment in order to bring us an Aliens vs Predator game to Android. While this new game from these two companies today isn’t that Aliens vs Predator game, you will be able to get your predatory fix with their new official Predator game. You’ll be playing as a Predator who is trying to earn full membership into the Predators clan.


DreamWorks releases Rise of the Guardians: Dash ‘N Drop onto Google Play

Another movie themed game has arrived today on Android but this time around it is coming from DreamWorks, with the game’s development being done by PikPok, called Rise of the Guardians: Dash ‘N Drop. This particular movie-based game is, if you haven’t already guessed it, themed around DreamWork’s upcoming animated film Rise of the Guardians which is slated to hit theaters on November 21st, 2012.


Origin8 currently developing Sentinel 4: Dark Star, due out in 2013

The rather epic tower defense game Sentinel 3: Homeworld will be getting a new brother soon from its developers Origin8 as development is underway for a new addition to the series called Sentinel 4: Dark Star. While Android missed out on the first two games in the series, we managed to get the third one which featured a health dose of eye candy with some pretty great gameplay to be had.


Disney brings Wreck-it Ralph to Android with three games in one package

Disney has released a game based off of their newest animated movie called Wreck-it Ralph onto Google Play today which actually also pays a bit of homage to the hold school days of arcade games with one game wrapped up in 8-bit graphics. Wreck-it Ralph features three different arcade style games for you to play featuring Ralph from the movie: Fix-it Felix Jr, Hero’s Duty, and Sweet Climber.


International Snooker Pro THD arrives for Tegra-based Android devices

For the hardcore pool and snooker fans out there in the Android world who own a Tegra-based device, you have a new game available today from Tick Tock Games called International Snooker Pro THD. This new snooker game comes with plenty of content to keep you going with your fix of playing snooker or pool but also features some pretty good eye candy as well, for a snooker mobile game that is.