Disney brings Wreck-it Ralph to Android with three games in one package

Disney has released a game based off of their newest animated movie called Wreck-it Ralph onto Google Play today which actually also pays a bit of homage to the hold school days of arcade games with one game wrapped up in 8-bit graphics. Wreck-it Ralph features three different arcade style games for you to play featuring Ralph from the movie: Fix-it Felix Jr, Hero’s Duty, and Sweet Climber.

True to the arcade nature of this new release from Disney, each game has its own global high score board to compete in for the number one spot. Out of the three games that come with Wreck-it Ralph, Fix-it Felix Jr is the one that pays homage to the arcade games of old and has actually be recreated into a physical arcade game as well for those of you who are regular visitors to arcades still these days. Just something to look out for if you happen to be in an arcade.

Fix-it Felix Jr.:
– Ralph wrecked it, now you get a chance to fix it!
– Awesome 8-bit graphics that pay homage to the classic arcade era.
– Climb, dodge and magic hammer your way to a high score!

Hero’s Duty:
– Suit up and play as Sergeant Calhoun and teach those cy-bugs a lesson they’ll never forget!
– Blast cy-bugs in level after level of bug clearing action.
– Grab different weapons and make your momma proud!

Sweet Climber:
– It’s Ralph’s time to shine in an endless climbing game!
– Use tilt controls and fizzy jet packs to climb as high as possible.
– Jump from candy stalk to candy stalk, but watch out for weak branches!

Each game is very different from the other ones in terms of the type of game it is and the gameplay it comes with. If you happen to be a fan of the movie Wreck-it Ralph, now you can spend a little more time with Ralph while on the go playing this game. You can grab a copy of Wreck-it Ralph off of the Google Play store for $0.99. That will net you all three games in one package.

Google Play Link: Wreck-it Ralph

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