Day: October 3, 2012

Game Reviews

Rayman Jungle Run Review – Platforming Done Right

Google Play may not short of auto-running platformers, but Rayman Jungle Run is a welcome addition. Well, a more than welcome addition in fact. Powered by the same Ubisoft engine that Rayman Origins runs on and developed by Pastagames for mobile devices (I’m hungry already), Rayman Jungle Run is the kind of game you immediately appreciate the moment you start playing.

Game News

Zaxxon Escape running from the 1980s and into modern times thanks to Sega

For those of you who happen to be arcade bums like myself back in the 1980s and 1990s, where we could have easily paid rent for a permanent residence inside an arcade with the amount of quarters we spent, will be happy to know that the classic Zaxxon arcade game will be time traveling from the past and arriving on our phones and tablets soon as Zaxxon Escape, all thanks to Sega who have decided to resurrect the franchise.