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Pokemon Tower Defense pulled off the Android Market. Faster then we thought it would but has a new home.

About two weeks ago we posted about an awesome little tower defense game with a bunch of RPG elements mixed into it themed around Pokemon. The game, called Pokemon Tower Defense, featured awesome retro-pixel art graphics, the original 150 Pokemon mixed together with tower defense gameplay and RPG leveling.

Your Pokemon would evolve, learning more skills as you progress through the game. A lot of people said this game would eventually get pulled off the Android Market, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, everyone who said that was right. In fact it happened a hell of a lot faster then we though but even in the short time it was on the market, it received over 120,000 downloads and a couple of big updates.


Sam & Dan Games got the email this morning that Pokemon Tower Defense had be suspended and removed from the Android Market. There are still some ways you can play the game like heading over to Newgrounds to play a Flash version of it (PC or phone). The .apk is also still available which we have linked below as well.

The developers aren’t mad and respect the desicion to have it removed. They also know that talking to Nintedo or Google right now would prove fruitless. No they will not be quitting development of the game, they just will never have it back on the Android Market. You can read the official post here. Looks like Google is cracking down on Android in more than one way right now.

Thanks Ben Kimzey for the tip!

Developer Website: Sam & Dan Games

Download Link: Pokemon Tower Defense

Newgrounds Links: PC/Browser | Phone

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