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Exclusive: TibiaME MMORPG to launch on Android and comes with a massive update. Includes multiple screen size support and more.

Awhile back we reported on a MMORPG coming to Android called TibiaME by Cipsoft. A lot of current people who play TibiaME also own Android phones so the requests for an Android version were pretty numerous. The beta, and also a more home brew method, were available for Android devices but set at a small resolution.

This was great if you had a phone with a small screen but as we all know, Android phones generally do not come with small resolution screens thus causing an issue regarding playing TibiaMe and enjoying the retro pixel graphics it comes with. That is unless you don’t mind squinting your eyes. However, we ran into one of our friends from Cipsoft at GDC 2011 and had a good talk about a future update that is going to fix this issue as well as bring in a whole lot of new features. We are happy to inform you now that the update is almost ready and an official Android client will be released shortly.

The update will include a unique method of dealing with the various screen resolutions found on Android devices. When you download the client, it will recognize your screen resolution and download the appropriate graphics pack for your phone. This way your UI and all the graphics will be tailored to your devices. This also keeps the client download small and instead of having to download all the graphics for all the resolutions on Android devices, you just get the ones for your phone. TibiaME will support even the smallest resolutions as well like that found on the Xperia Mini and all the way up to 480×854.


The rest of the update brings a slew of new features from UI enhancements, sounds, new graphical effects and even new skill sets. Cipsoft has basically re-designed their game for mobile. You will be able to play online using 3G or WiFi and it is recommended you use WiFi when downloading the graphics pack after install.

Update Features:

  • New Attributes and skill system
  • Character customization
  • Sound (for iOS and Android)
  • Full Questlog
  • Revamped islands Lybera and Aurea
  • New graphical effects
  • Challenging monsters
  • 100+ new items


So if you’ve been waiting for the official TibiaME Android client, the wait is almost over! You can expect to see this update and the Android client land on the Android Market tomorrow if all goes well! So keep your eyes peeled for it and of course here for when it is released. We will be sure to post about it. Definitely a game to check out if you’ve been looking for a retro-style RPG to play in the MMO flavor. As you can tell from the title image, TibiaME will be available for free when released tomorrow.

Developer Website: CipSoft (Non-English)

Official Game site: TibiaME

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