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Apparatus Review: Build a highly complex machine to move a ball

Hello world, have you ever woke up first thing in the morning and thought “I need to play a game that tickles my brain”? Well Apparatus is just the game for you. The games objective is very simple, all you have to do is direct a silver ball into a basket using the available materials to build mechanical structures.

Title: Apparatus | Developer: BITHACK | Genre: Puzzle | Players: 1 Player | Version: 0.995 | Size: 12M | Price: Free (Lite) | $2.00 (Full)

Gameplay: Apparatus is one of those games you can sit down and just play for hours. It has two modes. The Campaign mode which you can play multiple levels each with a differnt setup and way to guide the ball to your objective. The early levels will teach you how to play and go through some basic concepts. The more you progress the more freedom the levels will provide, many of the levels can be solved in many different ways.

The second is called Sandbox. This is basically a free mode option where you can build your own setup and do one of two options either A.) Play the course you made yourself or B.) Save the course and load it up to whats called a Community Level were other players can download your course and play it for themselves while you can download others and play as well.

Controls: The game controls are very easy. You can move objects by dragging your finger. You also use hammers and wrenches to connect objects.

Graphics and Sounds: The music in Apparatus has a techno feel with good beats using many instruments it seems like you will be using during gameplay. The music is really good in apparatus (that probably explains why im listing to it as I write this review) and it keeps you upbeat during Sandbox mode as your building those complex courses to challenge your friends in the community. (Timeout to do the robot on this song)

And were back. The graphics in the game are great. It has great shadow effects and all the materials the game provides you look pretty realistic. The only bad thing is that the graphics are so good the game requires you to have a phone with with 600MHz proccessor and a screen resoluttion of 800×480 or higher to get the full effect of the graphics. Of course the game will run on samller resolution phones as there is a graphics option in the settings to turn down just about everything in the game.

Overall: Apparatus is a great game that has great music with easy to use controls and hours of fun using the Sandbox to make difficult courses. If you like challenging puzzles and have a creative mind then this game will be perfect for you. There are currently two versions of the game in the market a LITE and FULL version. That way you can test to see how the game works on your device. Another plus, the developers BITHACK seem to really care about their customers and update the game on a regular base.

Rating: 4/5

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