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G5 Entertainment’s upcoming game, Mystery of the Crystal Portal, arriving on August 18th.

G5 Entertainment has been making a strong push onto the Android Market lately and it looks as though they are not planning to slow down just yet. They have just announced another game getting set to be released on Android called The Mystery of the Crystal Portal.

At the rate G5 Entertainment are bringing their games from their catalog over to Android, it’s no wonder they recently released their Game Navigator app as well onto the market. This new announcement is another Hidden Objects game that comes with a storyline, similar to Paranormal Agency but with a different theme.


The game follows the story of a journalist, Nicole Rankwist, in the late 1920s who’s father mysteriously disappears after a major archeological find. Your job will be to help her find clues as to what happened to her father and, along the way, find fragments of the Crystal Portal’s key and hopefullt find her father. While this is a Hidden Object game, Mystery of the Crystal Portal also comes with mini games which are found by finding a special item in each stage. These mini games are apparently the way to find these key fragments.

If you like Hidden Object games then you’ll be wanting to keep an eye out for this new one from G5 Entertainment. Their previous Hidden Objects game, Paranormal Agency, seems to be well received on the Android Market. Just like Paranormal Agency, you will be able to download Mystery of the Crystal Portal for free as a trial version. Should you want to get the full version you can do so via in-game purchase. This game will be out August 18th.

Developer Website: G5 Entertainment

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