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Apparatus rolls out of beta phase with some impressive stats

Today developer BitHack announced that their game, Apparatus, has finally come out of beta phase and is now considered a full release. With that, BitHack has released some interesting information in a blog post including stats since the beta release and what is to come in the future.

Apparatus is a great game where you can build just about any device you can think of with the parts given to you in order to move a ball to it’s goal. It also comes with a community feature where you can build and share levels with other players and a sandbox mode where you can just build complex devices to do the simplest tasks. You can read our review of Apparatus to get a better idea about this game.

According to BitHack, since the release of Apparatus on the Android Market in beta form, it has been purchased close to 100,000 times and is used daily by about 4,000 active users. There are also close to 2,000 user generated levels for you to play and with the community feature, there will be plenty more in the future.

Since the beta release there have been a ton of new features and some bug fixes as well which BitHack lists in their blog post for those of you who haven’t been playing since the beta and are interested in seeing how it has developed. Speaking of the future though, Bithack says it will begin concentrating on new games it has planned but will continue to support Apparatus which is a very good thing.

From this point on we will dedicate more time on our upcoming games, but still maintain Apparatus by adding new levels now and then, and fixing possible bugs. We have some new features for Apparatus planned, but since the development will focus mainly on our new games, these features will be rolled out at a relatively slow pace compared to during the beta phase. – BitHack


So for all you Apparatus fans out there, that’s the news coming from BitHack today and is why the game has been updated today as well with new features. For those of you interested in trying out Apparatus, you can download it off the Android Market for $2.05 or try it out first with the free lite version.

Developer Website: BitHack Blog

Android Market Link: Apparatus

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