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Minimalistic physics puzzle game, Neon Zone, arriving soon on Android

Following up on the news of The Silent Age coming to Android, House of Fire has a second titles gearing up for release called Neon Zone. This is a physics-based puzzle game where you solve each stage by tilting your device, or bumping it, in order to move a block around to collect the glowing dots.

Once you’ve collected all the glowing dots you will be able to move onto the next stage. It sounds a lot easier than it really is and each puzzle gets increasingly more difficult than the previous one. However, the graphics are quite nice featuring that retro-style glowing lines type of graphics but not over done, keeping each stage attractive but minimalistic in nature. It’s just the puzzle and you each stage.

Using your Android device’s accelerometer, you will be tilting your device to move the block. If you move it too far and it falls off the playing field, you lose. You can change the gravity of each stage by rotating your device 45 degrees which will, hopefully, help you along your way to solving each stage. To jump your block up a floor, just tap on the screen.

Currently the game is waiting for approval for the App Store for iOS devices and once it receives approval it will also land on the Android Market. You can check out Neon Zone in action in the preview video above.

Developer Website: Neon Zone

Website Referenced: DIYGamer

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