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Cut the Birds – Can you guess which games this title ripped off?

There are plenty of clones out there in the world of video games, it’s a natural occurrence in pretty much every platform and genre. There are Minecraft clones, Angry Birds clones and clones of pretty much any game that happens to be a hit. Cut the Birds takes cloning to a new level though but taking from two games and meshing it into one.

If you are going to clone a game, at least try to bring something original to it. If you are cloning though, originality really isn’t up there on your list of priorities really but at least do one thing different. Cut the Birds takes a different approach to cloning by blatantly ripping off Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, blends them together in some fine mediocre gameplay, and gets released onto the market in hopes to make lots of ad revenue off the fact it’s ‘based’ off these two games.


It is this sort of thing that supports what Rockstar’s Vice President of Creativity, Dan Houser, was speaking about the other day when mentioning that a lot of developers are in it for the quick money and not for releasing quality games. Of course there are more quality developers than there are crap ones like the dev for Cut the Birds, but still there are plenty of them out there that do this sort of thing. Cut the Birds is so blatant though that even the main icon for it smacks of Angry Birds and the actual birds in game are almost identical.

The Fruit Ninja aspect of the game (slicing birds as they fly through the air whilst avoiding bombs) is bland at best with no new blades or any of the other cool features Fruit Ninja comes with. For what it’s worth though, if you really want to dig for something original in Cut the Birds, it would have to be that it does a fake screen cracking when you mess up.

General overall impression of Cut the Birds? It’s crap and don’t bother, not even if it is free. Still, if you must see for yourself, you can hit up the link below. Perhaps we will make this a weekly series, something like “Clone of the Week”, similar to our Weekly Worst Game Review series which we will be picking back up soon. All in good fun of course.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Android Market Link: Cut the Birds

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