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Kairosoft releases another game onto Android to suck your free time away called World Cruise Story

We should have known that the sale we talked about yesterday on some of Kairosoft’s other games was just the beginning of something bigger to come. Today the sim management game specialists that love to kill hours of your time with their addictive games have released another titles onto the Android Market called World Cruise Story.

As the title suggests, like all their games, in this new release from Kairosoft you will be managing a a cruise ship as well as be it’s captain. You’ll be in charge of the most over-the-top luxurious cruise liner in the world and it’ll be your job to deck the ship out in all the best goodies money can buy in order to get the best clients on the ship. You will be able to get first-class restaurants, casinos, lavish suites, hot tubs and much more.


The big points will come when you are able to put the right services side-by-side which, in turn, will score big points with your passengers and earn you even more fame and better rewards. Of course you don’t just start with the best right away. You’ll have to work your way up just like in any Kairosoft game before you become the best of the best, if you’re successful that is. Each time you play the game through, as with all Kairosoft titles, you can do things differently to see if they work better for you and produce better results or don’t work as good as a previous build. Of course this is all wrapped up in their own unique style of pixel art.

If you are a fan of Kairosoft games, which a lot of you are including myself, you can nab this new game off the Android Market for $4.99 and say goodbye to the next few days of free time.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Android Market Link: World Cruise Story

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