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Hidden Gem: EDGE – Rolling a block in a minimalistic world

In this edition of our Hidden Gem series, we have an interesting puzzle game going by the name of EDGE from 365 Games. In EDGE you move around a block with the intent of collecting the smaller multicolored cubes while on your way to the end of each stage.

While the first few levels start off easy, it gets rather difficult the further you progress into the game to collect all the smaller colored cubes and make it to the exit. You are able to move your cube in all for directions as well as up a single block rise, like steps, or drop it off a big drop into another section of the stage. So it is definitely not your standard block rolling type of game as you have the added mechanics of moving up and down levels within a stage.


Another really cool aspect of EDGE is simply the graphics. For those of you who are fans of all things minimalistic, EDGE features simple minimalistic graphics with slight color highlights along the edges of some of the tiles (the important or moving ones) while the rest remain slightly off white. The only other real color in the game is the exit pad, your cube and the mini cubes.

Like a lot of these block rolling type of games, you’ll have tiles that fall out from under you if you are on top of them for a fraction of a second too long, switches to roll on that activate other parts of the stage and so on but again, with the added mechanic of actually having to climb up some of these moving blocks in order to reach your goal. Once you reach your exit, you are graded on your performance not only with the time it took you to get through the stage but also based on if you got all the mini colored cubes as well (or at least some of them).


Overall it is a great new puzzle game with a style of its own. The nice part is though is that you are a cube, not a rectangle like most block rolling games. So while you don’t have to worry about manuevering around properly because of your weird shape as a rectangle, you have to worry about everything else such as tiles falling out from under you, falling off the edge of the map, collecting mini-cubes and other hazards along the way. Each map is always dynamic and changing which provides some great challenge, especially if you decide to use tilt controls and not using your finger on the screen to move your block

You can download EDGE off the Android Market for free and enjoy the minimalistic style of it while listening to some cool background music that comes with the game.

Developer Website: 365 Games

Android Market Link: EDGE

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