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The Humble Bundle arrives on Android, comes with four games

The Humble Bundle has been well received with PC gamers and now Android is getting a little of the Humble love now that the first Humble Bundle has been released. This bundle for Android comes with four games but the best part is that you can pay what you want for it.

You did read that right. You can pay whatever you want for the Humble Bundle for Android whether it’s a buck or ten dollars. This first Humble Bundle comes with four great games too so it is definitely an excellent deal. The four games in this bundle are:

– Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD (Article)
– World of Goo (Article)
– EDGE (Article)
– Osmos HD (Article)

So in this bundle you get a little of everything from a physics-based puzzle game to tower defense. All four titles we have written about as well so if you want more information on each game, just hit up the link beside each game.

While you can pay whatever you want for the Humble Bundle, there is an option to have some of your payment be put towards charity as well as leave the developers a “Humble Tip”. If you are interested in snatching up the first Android Humble Bundle, you can do so by hitting up the link below and heading over to the Humble site to purchase it.

Official Website: Humble Bundle

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