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The iCade 8-bitty retro NES-style controller for Android

You probably read the title of this article and are wondering why in the hell we are talking about an iCade product since they generally concern themselves with iOS when talking about their peripherals. Well That is usually the case except for the iCade 8-bitty, a new controller from them.

The iCade 8-bitty as a NES style controller with all the styling from back in the day except it is for both Android and iOS devices. It comes with a total of 8 buttons: Start, Select, four front buttons and two shoulder buttons. It also comes with a traditional D-Pad as well.

This new controller should work with just about every Android phone and tablet according to the product page and is wireless so there is no cords to deal with. For retro fans, this thing is pretty cool if for no other reason than how it looks. It is also pretty reasonably priced as well. You will be able to pick one of these up for $24.99 over on ThinkGeek.

Product Website: ThinkGeek

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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