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Kairosoft teases their next game for Android called Cafeteria Nipponica

The developers of some of the most addiction simulation-style games such as Game Dev Story and Dungeon Village, Kairosoft has now started teasing their next game for Android called Cafeteria Nipponica. Of course the name could very well change to reflect their ‘Story’ branding.

While on their website they have started teasing their new game, which is something that Kairosoft does not usually do as they tend to just release their games onto the Google Play Store quietly, they have released no further details about what this game will actually be. They did mention that it would be released on April 5th which is this Thursday. Kairosoft giving us a heads up with an exact date as to their next game release? The world has gone mad I say.

So what can we guess about this game? Well for one it is set in a cafeteria, possibly more like a commercial Cafe then an actual cafeteria that you would find in a school or something of that nature. Considering the nature of the theme, we can guess there will be staff to train, different meals to research and develop, and patrons to keep happy. Kairosoft has been pro-active when it comes to adding unique features to their games, as seen in Dungeon Village which introduced a wide range of new RPG mechanics in that game instead of a standard sim title.

Will this introduce new features once again or be the same tried and true format of their older, very addicting titles? Who knows but if the April 5th date comes true, we won’t have to wait long to find out. We will update everyone when more details are released about Kairosoft’s next game that will more than likely suck your free time away when it is released. For now all we have is a really tiny picture to stare at that we re-sized to be a bit bigger.

Thanks to Scott A and everyone else who sent this in!

Website Referenced: Kairospot

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