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Com2Us shows off some gameplay for Inotia IV: Assassin of Berkel with a new trailer

The next installment in the Inotia RPG series from Com2Us looks to be gearing up for release. Yesterday, after months of waiting for more details about the game, Com2Us finally has posted a new trailer for Inotia IV: Assassin of Berkel along with some actual details about the game.

The gameplay and visuals look to be along the same lines as previous installments of the Inotia series while the storyline has been expanded. According to Com2Us, Inotia IV will have one of the largest maps for a mobile RPG which means a lot of content will be in this game.

Inotia IV Features:

– 6 Classes, 90 skills
– Convenient party system
– Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytime and anywhere.
– One of the largest mobile RPG maps
– A tragic destiny and other schemes await the shadow assassin and the Channel of light
– Exclusive sub-quests ready to be unraveled
– End of story means beginning of a new journey: Infinite Dungeon for hardcore players

As you can tell by the features list, it looks like this will have a lot of party-based content involved since you’ll be able to party up with other characters or hire mercenaries at any point in the game. When you complete the game, you’ll be treated to a new feature which is Infinite Dungeons for the more hardcore gamers out there.

While there is no exact release date yet for Inotia IV: Assassin of Berkel, considering how long the wait has been and now there is a trailer out, it should be released fairly quickly.

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