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Rockstar Games confirms Max Payne release delay, coming next week instead

A lot of people have been waiting for today for several reasons, one of which is that Max Payne from Rockstar Games was supposed to be released today for Android. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has confirmed on Twitter that there has been a slight delay in the launch of Max Payne.

The delay isn’t too long as Rockstar has stated that it will be available sometime ‘next week or so’. The reason? Last minute testing of the game on as many Android devices as possible to ensure good performance and compatibility. So it is for a good reason that there is a delay and it’s only a week, possibly less or a little longer than a week.

So until then, we can just sit here patiently waiting for Mr. Payne to arrive on Android. Sorry for the bad news!

Source: Rockstar Twitter 1 | Rockstar Twitter 2

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