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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Limbo, WipeOut, King of Fighters, Kairosoft Games and more

Welcome to this week’s round-up of Android games that happen to be on sale right now. This particular week’s list is actually quite big, with a number of developers putting more than one game on sale. Inkle has put all three Sorcery! games on sale to celebrate the upcoming release of Sorcery! 4, and Rockstar Games still has a few Grand Theft Auto titles on sale along with Max Payne.


Violating Consumer Trust: How Apple, Electronic Arts, 2K Games and Capcom are Undermining Digital Distribution

The lack of consumer ownership of digital content has long been a precarious condition that gamers have had to accept if they wished to purchase and play their favorite software titles. Be it an unfavorable end-user license agreement (EULA) or digital rights management (DRM), corporate entities have endeavored to convey that consumers do not own digital content, but rather license the content for an indeterminate period of time, during which the rights holder can terminate said license with impunity. Don’t believe me? Here is a snippet of Rockstar Games’ lengthy EULA.


[Updated] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas could be arriving tomorrow on Google Play

Back at the end of November we mentioned that Rockstar Games was bringing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to mobile devices in December. While we didn’t have an exact release date at the time of writing that article, we did say it sounds like it would be in the next couple of weeks. Well a couple of weeks have pasted and it looks like Rockstar Games is gearing up to release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas either today or tomorrow.


Mid-Week Android Game Sale Round-Up: Rockstar Games, Adventure Bar Store, Plasma Sky and more

It’s time for another mid-week round-up of all the Android games currently on sale right now. This seems to be an especially good mid-week when it comes to games that are on sale with Rockstar Games leading the pack by discounting Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Max Payne until July 30th, 2013. That, however, isn’t all that is on sale though.