Day: October 28, 2013

Game News

Ittle Dew is a Zelda style adventure RPG game heading to Android this November

Ludosity has been developing a Zelda style game over the past little while called Ittle Dew and now the company is gearing up to finally release it onto Android and iOS this November. The company has taken all of the fun mechanics found in the Zelda franchise and created this game which has ended up being a top-down adventure puzzle game with RPG elements lathered all over it.

Game News

Trouserheart arrives for Android devices, challenges you to rescue a pair of pants

A new hack n’ slash game has arrived onto Google Play from 10tons called Trouserheart. In this game you are not trying to save a princess who has been kidnapped, free a realm from a monster invasion or any other typical fantasy type of theme you find in a lot of hack n’ slash games. Instead you’ll be out to rescue a pair of pants that has been stolen from the king.

Hardware News

New Nvidia Shield OTA arrives, brings with it Android 4.3, Gamepad Mapping and more big changes

Nvidia has been working hard on their Android gaming themed device called the Shield since it was originally released for public consumption. Since the device’s launch, Nvidia has pumped out some pretty solid software updates to boost performance and stability with the Shield but today’s new OTA update brings some big changes that make the Shield even better.