Day: December 11, 2013

Game News

[Updated] Halfbrick’s upcoming game Colossatron Massive World Threat will arrive onto Android on Dec. 19th

Halfbrick’s upcoming game Colossatron Massive World Threat has finally gotten a release date announced and the good news is that the company will be releasing the game onto Android and iOS at the same time. Usually Halfbrick releases their games onto iOS first while the Android version follows afterwards and usually a month or two down the road.

Game News

[Updated] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas could be arriving tomorrow on Google Play

Back at the end of November we mentioned that Rockstar Games was bringing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to mobile devices in December. While we didn’t have an exact release date at the time of writing that article, we did say it sounds like it would be in the next couple of weeks. Well a couple of weeks have pasted and it looks like Rockstar Games is gearing up to release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas either today or tomorrow.

Game News

DeNA and Crytek team up to bring squad-based tactics game The Collectables to Android

Crytek and DeNA are teaming up to bring a squad-based tactical game to Android called The Collectables. Since Crytek is involved, this game will be made using the company’s Cryengine game development platform which is known for its rather high quality 3D visuals. This means The Collectables should have some pretty impressive graphics to enjoy while playing the game.