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Four more Tegra-based games are heading to Android soon including an ExZeus sequel

Between yesterday and today there have been four more Tegra-based games unveiled that will be heading our way soon including a surprising sequel to the rather crazy arcade mech shooter from HyperDevBox called ExZeus. Apparently they have decided to make a sequel, this time for Tegra-based devices called ExZeus II THD.

In total four new games have been announced which means nVidia is really having their Tegra Zone catalog starting to get filled up with some pretty promising titles for the near future. So what games are we talking about? Well two of them are actually console games that are being ported over to Android.

Orgarhythm THD and Sumioni THD are both making the jump from consoles to Tegra-based Android devices. Orgarhythm THD is an interesting game that meshes music and real-time strategy elements to create a rather interesting type of gameplay. As the story goes, you will be playing as the God of Light who will be battling it out with the God of Darkness, deploying elemental soldiers which you will then use rhythm-based gameplay mechanics to have them attack the opposing units.

The actual weapon is rhythm and so different types of attacks will be unleashed on different beats. It really doesn’t seem all too different then Square Enix’s upcoming game for Android called Demons’ Score except for the fact that Orgarhythm THD is more of a action strategy game where as Demons’ Score is an action combat rhythm game.

Sumioni Trailer (for PS Vita)

The second game coming from consoles to Android via Tegra-based device is Sumioni THD (a.k.a Demon Arts). This particular game is a drawing game in which you will use your finger to draw platforms for your character to run on. You will also be doing this to call upon elemental magic and summon mythical creatures, all thanks to the power of ink. It is a rather unique concept where you’ll be able to interact with a lot of the elements in the environments while taking down enemies in a tradition side-scrolling platform game. You can check out the official Sumioni site for even more info

Both Orgarhythm THD and Sumioni THD are due out later this year. Orgarhythm and Sumioni will also be released on the PS Vita as well.

Two other games have also been unveiled as of today and are currently being shown off during Google I/O 2012. Both of these games are coming from two developers who have made some pretty epic games for Android in the past, HyperDevBox and Vector Unit.

Beach Buggy Blitz THD will be racing onto Android in the near future thanks to Vector Unit, developers of the previously released awesome racing games Riptide GP THD and Shine Runner THD. As you may be guessing, this racing game will feature Beach Buggies. The best description for it is actually from the developers themselves:

Beach Buggy Blitz THD is built around an “infinite drive” mechanic that challenges players to drive through lush environments – power-sliding through beaches and volcanos, catching big air off massive jumps, and smashing through totally destructible environments.

Older ExZeus II for Android preview trailer

The second game is the ExZeus sequel which is coming from HyperDevBox and is appropriately named ExZeus II THD. For those of you who missed out on the original, this was a fast-paced flying mech shooter that arrived on Android awhile ago. The original was something straight out of an arcade and this sequel shouldn’t stray too far from that. Instead of a sequel we should almost call it a revamp of the original as it will be bringing more depth to the original game along with more weapons, detailed environments and upgrades to your robot will affect its stats.

Both Beach Buggy Blitz THD and ExZeus II THD will arrive on Android Tegra 3 devices later this year as well. We will go into more detail about each game as more information becomes available.

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