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Crytek says that tablets could very well surpass consoles soon

Interesting little bit of news coming from Crytek regarding tablets and next gen consoles. It seems that Crytek holds the belief that if next gen consoles don’t come out soon, that tablets could very well surpass consoles in terms of being the first device people reach for when wanting to play games.

This is largely due to the fact that tablets and their hardware are quickly catching up to that of consoles, offering up almost the same quality of games and visuals as consoles do now. Should the trend continue, advanced tablets and their hardware could surpass that of consoles if the industry does get the next gen units out soon.

We can’t comment on or even speculate as to when, or if, the next generation will be announced. But we think that it’s time for the next generation and we think that it’s overdue already. The current generations are drying out and the longer we wait for the next generation of consoles, the higher the likelihood that they could fall behind tablets in terms of being the first thing people reach for when the time comes to play games. Tablets are putting pressure on the gaming industry, and taking over in some ways, so that should be kept in mind. – Crytek founder Cevat Yerli

This is a bit interesting coming from Crytek considering they have started getting into the mobile gaming scene, having already released their first mobile game called Fibble Flick N’ Roll onto iOS and coming soon to Android as well.

Website Referenced: VG 24/7

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