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[Gamescom] EA announces that their Origin game store will come to Android

Gamescom is underway and today during Electronic Arts’ press conference, they announced that their Origin game store would be arriving on Android at some point. Interesting news considering yesterday’s story about EA looking to Windows 8 mobile as their possible central platform focus for mobile gaming.

Origin and Android together is nothing new, in fact back when EA was getting ready to launch their Origin store online, it was rumored to be coming to Android as well where their games would be available for purchase. After the store’s launch, all was quiet about Android integration. Now, during Gamescom 2012, it seems EA is ready to make good on that rumor.

Origin, for those of you unfamiliar with the store, is EA’s online digital download service where you can buy digital copies of their games instead of going to actual stores and buying boxed games. When it arrives for all the platforms EA announced it would be coming to during the press conference, it will contain both premium and free-to-play games. As of right now, the Mac version of Origin is slated for release in February 2013 so we can guess there rest of the platforms will arrive somewhere around that time.

Is it just us or does EA seem like a very confused company right now trying to find the direction they want to go in?

Website Referenced: TheVerge

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