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Collect and play up to 45 classic 2600 games with the new Activision Anthology

If you are into keeping it real retro when it comes to gaming, mobile or otherwise, then you will be pleased to know that Activision has released a huge collection of classic games in their Activision Anthology release. This anthology offers up the entire 2600 catalog by Activison for you to peruse through and buy what you want.

Downloading the platform, or the anthology app if you want to call it that instead, will net you a free copy of KABOOM! while giving you the opportunity to check out the entire 2600 catalog by Activison and purchase the games you want in packs. Some games included are PITFALL!™, RIVER RAID™, THE ACTIVISION® DECATHLON, BARNSTORMING™, STAMPEDE™, PITFALL II, ENDURO™, DEMON ATTACK, all spelled with caplocks on to enhance their importance.

Activision Anthology Features:

• Get the action classic KABOOM! for FREE
• Choose from multiple control schemes to play as you like to play
• Enjoy full Google Play integration including leaderboards and achievements!
• Earn digital versions of the renowned Activision game patches offered in the 1980’s
• Features original cartridge and box art, original game manuals, tips and strategies from the original game designers, and more
• In-app game purchases unlock across devices associated with the player’s account
• Taunt your friends by showing off your high scores on Facebook
• Buy once, play any time!

This isn’t just an ‘arcade’ either, but a full suite of manuals, original box art, tips and tricks from the original designers and a lot more. Players can purchase four additional bundle packs with 11 games each at $2.99 or collect all 45 games for a special limited-time introductory price of only $6.99./p>

If you are up for some serious retro gaming then you might want to check this out. There are a lot of classics in this set and the fact it comes with the original cartridge and box art is pretty nice.

Developer Website: Activision

Google Play Link: Activision Anthology

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