Day: 12 September 2012


Tecmo Bowl inspired Football Heroes up on Kickstarter, offers some unique rewards as well

A new Kickstarter campaign has recently gone live as of a couple of days ago for a new football game which was inspired by some classic titles like Tecmo Bowl. Being developed by Run Games LLC, Football Heroes is a hybrid football / beat ’em up / RPG title that will be making its way to Android devices when it launches. The Kickstarter campaign also offers some rather unique rewards for helping with the funding for the game.


Square Enix’s Demon’s Score will be launched worldwide, new details and trailer released

The other week when we posted about Square Enix’s upcoming Tokyo Game Show line-up, there were a couple of the games listed that were originally coming to Android in a worldwide release were suddenly labeled as Japan-only releases. Apparently now we are back to having a worldwide release for their upcoming Unreal Engine built rhythm-based action game Demon’s Score. Along with this news, we now know a little bit more about what composers will be on there and also have a new trailer to show.


Gamevil wants you to conquer lots of planets in Galaxy Empires

Gamevil has released a new game this morning, breaking away from their usual releases of retro style games mostly in the RPG category, and have released a game called Galaxy Empire. This definitely looks like a title that is being published by Gamevil but was developed by a different company due to how radically different the visuals are. No surprise though since Gamevil is really pushing their partner program for indie developers, having recently added another $10 million in funding to the pool.


Zynga brings two card battle games from Japan to the west: Montopia and Avakashi Ghost Guild

In a move to directly compete with GREE who happens to be currently dominating the TCG / Card Battle gaming genre on Android here in the west and in Europe, Zynga has decided to import two of their card battling games over to the rest of the world from their Japan division. Yes, that means two more TCG titles to play and attempt to keep track of while playing the other 50 installed on your device.