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The Bard’s Tale updated with Sixaxis controller support

Following the inevitable 50% sale, the massive RPG (both in scope and size) that is Bard’s Tale just received a minor, but a welcoming update. Along with the expected bug fixes and performance upgrade, developers inXile Entertainment has added support for the Playstation 3’s SixAxis Controller.

Aside from the whopping 3.5 GB data download, there’s little reason for you to grab this Xbox classic. As we previously mentioned the game packs in about 20-30 hours of gameplay and at $2.50, what have you got to lose? If you’re still in unsure, make sure to read our review for more details.

Bard’s Tale Update:

– Fixes graphical issues with LG Optimus 2x. Device is now supported.
– Native support for Sixaxis Controller. Requires Android 3.1 and Sixaxis Controller app. Uses default key mapping. Requires “Enable Gamepad” option to be “ON”. SixAxis IME must be disabled to play original Bard’s Tale trilogy.
– Supports Android back-key in in-game shops.
– Classic Trilogy Support for older Galaxy S2 firmware.
– Fix black floor tiles on Tegra 3 devices such as HTC One X and Nexus 7.

So, if you have a Sixaxis controller, you are now good to go with using it to play The Bard’s Tale.

Google Play Link:The Bard’s Tale

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