Day: 30 October 2012


Gamelion announces Rage of the Gladiator, coming soon to Google Play

We already have one title from Gamelion we are waiting for, called League of Heroes, they have announced another game we can look forward to called Rage of the Gladiator. As you may be guessing, you’ll be playing the role of a Gladiator named Gracius, who happens to be battling it out for his life in arena combat. Instead of battling it out with other gladiators though, you happen to be fighting it out with rather large ‘epic bosses’ and creatures.


Death Dome Review: A good looking game that we’ve seen before

Death Dome, by Glu Mobile, is not really anything surprising. We’ve seen this same cycle play out before in all sorts of genres. One or two titles come out and create a demand for a certain style and we get to witness a parade of clones, games that attempt to not only copy the original success of those earlier titles but that often add nothing to the genre. Many gamers buy these copycat titles and relish in what is essentially more of the same thing, feeding the parade. It’s not that I mind players or developers who enjoy copycats and repeated mechanics. As long as everyone is having fun then all is good. The problem comes in when we have a harder time finding original content thanks to games like Death Dome taking up space on virtual shelf of the Play store.


Nexon’s Maple Story Live gets updated with new playable character, the Demon Slayer

The mobile version of the rather popular MMORPG Maple Story has gotten an update which is somewhat rather appropriate considering that Halloween is tomorrow. Nexon’s Maple Story Live has gotten a rather large content update thanks to the inclusion of a new playable character, the Demon Slayer. Because of this new character the people can play, there is a slew of new content surrounding this new character as well.


Bring emulators to life using your MOGA controller with the MOGA Universal Driver

Recently we reviewed the new MOGA gaming controller which, as a controller, is excellent and works quite well for pretty much any of your gaming needs whether it be on a phone, clipped into the MOGA, or on your tablet as a wireless Bluetooth controller. However, the MOGA controller requires you to use the Pivot app which, as an app, is rather nice but does have some issues. A recent update the other day fixed a few of these issues though.


Electronic Arts announces that 13 titles will be available for the new Nexus line-up

While the general Android population enjoys, at least to some degree, pointing out Electronic Arts’ weird selection of supported devices whenever they launch a new game, the company themselves has decided to address the issue in a way that will make future Nexus owners fairly happy. EA has announced that 13 titles will be available when the new Nexus line-up launches on November 13th, 2012, which is pretty much their entire catalog of games on Android.