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Angry Birds Star Wars gets a new gameplay trailer, this time with C-3PO and R2-D2

Time for some more Star Wars news but this time it is about the upcoming Rovio Angry Birds/Star Wars crossover, appropriately named Angry Birds Star Wars. Rovio is continuing their onslaught of teaser videos and trailers and today we get a new gameplay trailer that features R2-D2 and C-3PO birds. The last video, in case you missed it, featured Luke and Leia.

In the new gameplay trailer above, we also get to check out some more level designs which include levels that take after the physics found in Angry Birds Space. That means Rovio is bringing pretty much every mechanic, and then some, from all their other Angry Birds games. C-3PO has a neat electric ability, similar to the tiny blue normal Angry Birds, but instead of splitting up into three birds, C-3PO can shoot out multiple bolts of electricity.

Angry Birds Star Wars is still slated for release November 8th, 2012 as far as we know. Nothing has changed even though LucasFilm was bought by Disney yesterday.

Official Website: Angry Birds Star Wars

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