Day: 31 October 2012


Gamevil announces a list of their next 30 games, plenty of major titles including Zenonia 5

Gamevil will be attending G-Star 2012 in Korea which is a gaming related conference that has a heavy focus on mobile gaming specifically. Today the company has revealed a list of their next 30 games which will be heading to mobile over the next little while and you may be shocked to know that Zenonia 5, although a major franchise already, isn’t the biggest one they will be bringing to mobile devices. Other names include online multiplayer titles Legend of Master Online and Legends of Gaia. Also current web strategy games Eternal Kingdom, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Bloodlust will be arriving on mobile devices through Gamevil as well.


Pinball Arcade releases Table Pack 7, brings with it Elvira in Scared Stiff

More pinball news coming your way today but this time regarding Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios. Pinball Arcade is almost the exact opposite of Zen Pinball in terms of the tables it comes with. Both are pinball platforms where you can purchase and play a variety of beautifully rendered pinball tables on your Android device. However, Zen Pinball features completely custom made tables, usually with Marvel themes to them, while Pinball Arcade takes actual pinball tables that existed and makes digital replicas of them for everyone to play.


OUYA will indeed be arriving with Jelly Bean when it launches next year

So a little OUYA news for you today, since we haven’t had much in awhile. Actually we get OUYA news all the time, mostly related to games coming to it and we will be doing a weekly round-up every week soon to talk about them. However, today’s news is more about the system itself and the company building the Android-based console gaming system has confirmed that it will be coming with Jelly Bean when it arrives next year.


Halloween Giveaway: Enter for a chance to win one of two Nexus 7 16GB Android tablets

Everyone is celebrating Halloween this year it seems and we have been trying to report on as much of it as we can. There have been numerous sales going on the past week which end after today, plenty of games getting Halloween themed updates and straight up Halloween appropriate game releases like last night’s Zombie Driver THD. So it’s our turn to join in the celebration and so we are giving away two Nexus 7 tablets, the 16GB models.


Zen studios celebrates Halloween with new Blade, Ghost Rider and Paranormal Pinball THD tables

Zen Studios has gotten really into the Halloween spirit this year by releasing a trio of new tables for Zen Pinball THD, with all three tables themed after something rather suitable for tonight’s upcoming shenanigans. Available for purchase and download through Zen Pinball THD are tables themed after Blade, Ghost Rider and a more generic but equally spooky table called Paranormal.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review – Amazing game hampered by performance issues

Cops hot on your tail. Spike strips deployed. Roadblocks erected. Traffic whizzing by. Nitro boost. All these would sound familiar to anyone that’s played a variant of the Need for Speed racing franchise before. The studio behind Need for Speed: Most Wanted for mobile devices – Firemonkeys – has built the game by keeping the core essence of its console and PC predecessors, but fine-tuned things so that it suits the mobile market.


Disney buys LucasFilm and hints at future mobile games

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours then you’ve probably already heard the news of Disney which bought LucasFilm for a silly amount of money before announcing that there would be a Star Wars Episode VII movie heading our way soon in 2015, with additional movies every two years or so until they really beat the franchise to death, more than it has been already. While the internet focuses on this fact, whether good or bad, Disney has also hinted at mobile games coming from their newly acquired franchise.


Exor Studios finally unleashes Zombie Driver THD for Tegra Android devices

We’ve reported on Exor Studios and their Zombie Driver game which was headed for Android for quite some time now. In fact the last time we reported on it, back in September 2012, Zombie Driver THD was slated for release on Tegra devices on October 17th, 2012. Well a couple of weeks late, but perfect for Halloween, Zombie Driver THD has finally arrived onto Google Play for Tegra-based devices.