Zen studios celebrates Halloween with new Blade, Ghost Rider and Paranormal Pinball THD tables

Zen Studios has gotten really into the Halloween spirit this year by releasing a trio of new tables for Zen Pinball THD, with all three tables themed after something rather suitable for tonight’s upcoming shenanigans. Available for purchase and download through Zen Pinball THD are tables themed after Blade, Ghost Rider and a more generic but equally spooky table called Paranormal.

The Blade table is based off of the first Blade movie where you will be fighting off the bad vampires, as well as the main bad guy Deacon Frost, as Blade. The second table is themed after the Marvel superhero Ghost Rider who is one of the more cooler superheroes out there in the Marvel Universe. He can also be pretty bad ass and you’ll be taking on the forces of darkness in that game.

Lastly there is the Paranormal table where you’ll be on the hunt, trying to solve the supernatural mysteries inside this pinball table. All three are available right now for purchase the the Zen Pinball THD platform. If you don’t have this platform yet on your Tegra-based Android device, you can also pick that up for free as well. You can check out Ghost Rider in the video above and Paranormal in the video below.

Google Play Link: Zen Pinball THD

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