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[Updated] HyperDevBox unleashes their mech shooter sequel called ExZeus 2 for high-end Android devices

One of the first real mech-style arcade shooter games to land on Android was a game called ExZeus from HyperDevBox. This game featured some pretty impressive visuals for the time as well as some pretty hectic and enjoyable gameplay. Not too long ago we found out that a sequel was in the works, appropriately named ExZeus 2. Well that sequel is now available on Google Play and features console quality visuals and even more hectic shooting gameplay.


New free-to-play cross-platform FPS called UberStrike sneaks onto Google Play

A few days ago, a new free-to-play first-person shooter by Cmune quietly made its way to Google Play for all the Android FPS lovers out there to enjoy. It is an online multiplayer shooter that claims to have over 8 million players playing worldwide on PC. UberStrike allows for cross-platform play between Android, iOS and PC, and it boasts some good (if somewhat raw at the moment) graphics. On the splash screen, there is the nVidia Tegra logo, but we cannot confirm for now if this is actually an officially sanctioned Tegra game or not.


Marvel’s Avengers Initiative finally available for face smashing fun with the Hulk

Originally reported on back in September, one of the more highly anticipated Marvel themed games called Avengers Initiative was slated for release back then but was unfortunately delayed for whatever reason. While iOS gamers got to get their hands on it and get down and dirty with the Hulk, we have had to wait for awhile. The good news is that the wait is over and the Avengers Initiative is now available for select Android devices.


Fox Entertainment and Angry Mob Games release an official Predators game

We recently talked about Angry Mob Games who had decided to team up with Fox Entertainment in order to bring us an Aliens vs Predator game to Android. While this new game from these two companies today isn’t that Aliens vs Predator game, you will be able to get your predatory fix with their new official Predator game. You’ll be playing as a Predator who is trying to earn full membership into the Predators clan.


Retrobomb unleashes their revamp of the Dreamcast classic game now called Expendable Rearmed

We’ve talked about a classic Dreamcast game called Expendable that would be making its way to Android this week, actually today to be precise, in a new revamped and re-imaged version called Expandable Rearmed. Originally released by Rage Software back in 1999, Expendable was created with some of the cutting edge technology for that time and was a pretty popular game when it hit the Dreamcast system, eventually getting onto both the original Playstation and PCs shortly after launch.


Zombie Driver THD Review – Poor touch controls let this good game down massively

Zombie games of all shapes and sizes are a dime a dozen these days on the mobile gaming scene. One such new game vying for attention is Zombie Driver THD, which is actually a full-on console and PC port in terms of content. It is one thing to boast console quality content, and another to see if all this is wrapped in a mobile-friendly package. Does Zombie Driver THD make the cut in that respect?


Zen studios celebrates Halloween with new Blade, Ghost Rider and Paranormal Pinball THD tables

Zen Studios has gotten really into the Halloween spirit this year by releasing a trio of new tables for Zen Pinball THD, with all three tables themed after something rather suitable for tonight’s upcoming shenanigans. Available for purchase and download through Zen Pinball THD are tables themed after Blade, Ghost Rider and a more generic but equally spooky table called Paranormal.


Exor Studios finally unleashes Zombie Driver THD for Tegra Android devices

We’ve reported on Exor Studios and their Zombie Driver game which was headed for Android for quite some time now. In fact the last time we reported on it, back in September 2012, Zombie Driver THD was slated for release on Tegra devices on October 17th, 2012. Well a couple of weeks late, but perfect for Halloween, Zombie Driver THD has finally arrived onto Google Play for Tegra-based devices.