Day: 2 November 2012


The winners of the Halloween Giveaway for the Nexus 7 tablets are…

On Halloween we started up a nice little giveaway where two people would win one of the two Nexus 7 16GB Tegra 3 Android tablets we were giving away. The two tablets, which were donated by nVidia (say thanks!), have had no owners and are all alone over at the nVidia offices. Today we are pleased to announce that this will be changing as we have selected the two winners for our Halloween Giveaway!


Zombie Driver THD Review – Poor touch controls let this good game down massively

Zombie games of all shapes and sizes are a dime a dozen these days on the mobile gaming scene. One such new game vying for attention is Zombie Driver THD, which is actually a full-on console and PC port in terms of content. It is one thing to boast console quality content, and another to see if all this is wrapped in a mobile-friendly package. Does Zombie Driver THD make the cut in that respect?


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will be arriving on Android tablets this month

The remake of the classic RPG Baldur’s Gate, which we’ve reported on since it hit up Kickstarter for funding, will be arriving a little sooner than expected, although it is still arriving later than the initial release date. Originally slated for a September 18th, 2012 release date, the developers eventually had to delay the game’s launch until November 30th, 2012. Now, Beamdog’s head man Trent Oster has confirmed that the game will actually be arriving on November 28th, 2012, two days early.


New emulator for Android, called PPSSPP, lets you play those PSP games you love

A new emulator is currently being developed by the fine folk who brought the world the fully working Wii emulator called Dolphin for PCs. Apparently the developers got a hold of an Android device finally and decided to do what they do best, build an emulator. However, this particular emulator isn’t another GameBoy or console emulator, which we have plenty of. Instead, this emulator, called PPSSPP, is a Playstation Portable emulator for Android.


Nyko’s PlayPad and PlayPad Pro controllers on sale now at GameStop

Back during E3 2012 a new company had come out and announced a new line-up of game controllers specifically designed for mobile gaming. This company, Nyko, had done some good work researching and designing their upcoming mobile gaming controllers from what we had seen back then. Now, we finally can get our hands on some as both the Nyko PlayPad and the Nyko PlayPad Pro Tablet controllers are now available for purchase at GameStop.


Spacetime Studios’ newest MMORPG, Arcane Legends, appears on Google Play in limited beta form

One game we have really been looking forward to is Spacetime Studios’ newest addition to their ‘Legends’ franchise called Arcane Legends. We recently had some time to sit do and check out the game and it is indeed as we have reported on in the past, all the good features from their previous games all wrapped up into one title. Well for those of you who are living in Canada or Australia, today is your lucky day as Arcane Legends has been released onto Google Play in a limited open beta for only those two countries.


Zenonia 5 and Baseball Superstars 2013 get trailers, makes us want them

A couple of days ago we posted about the onslaught of titles that would be heading our way over the next little while from Gamevil. A total of 30 games are currently slated for release on both Android and iOS and, while historically iOS usually gets them first followed by Android shortly after, there are some pretty impressive titles in their line-up including some rather big name retro games. However, right now we get a first look at a couple of new additions to Gamevil franchises that are quite popular, Zenonia 5 and Baseball Superstars 2013.