The Wikipad gaming tablet’s launch has been delayed for a bit

The Wikipad Android gaming tablet that was supposed to be released this week has been delayed until further notice. For those of you who had been planning to go to your local GameStop and pick one of them up, you are going to have to wait a bit longer. The new came through a press release which details why the delay is happening.

There is apparently some sort of issue with the ‘Bundles’ and because of this problem, the launch has been delayed in order to take advantage of a last minute opportunity to ensure that the first customers are completely satisfied with the Wikipad. For those of you who pre-ordered a Wikipad through GameStop, you will be getting the refined and enhanced version of the bundle so you won’t be missing out on anything just because you’re one of the first to get a Wikipad bundle.

Unfortunately there is no new released date set for when the Wikipad will be available. When one is announced, we will be sure to update everyone. Until then, you can read the official Wikipad press release below. If you haven’t pre-ordered one, when they do become officially available, you can pick on up for the same $499 price tag.

Developer Website: Wikpad

The Wikipad team has been relentlessly working with our manufacturers and partners to perfect the Wikipad bundle to ensure our first product is the best tablet and entertainment experience at launch. There is a last minute opportunity to enhance the Wikipad bundle as well as a minor refinement needed to ensure our first customers are completely satisfied with the Wikipad.

We have informed our retail partners about this delay. For those who pre-ordered the Wikipad at GameStop through today October 31st, we will deliver the refined and upgraded bundles as well as a special bonus gift with the pre-order.

We are very eager to deliver the Wikipad experience and are passionate about excellence. We apologize for this delay and want you to know that we are committed to bringing you the very best, high-end gaming tablet possible.

We are in the final stage and will be announcing the new date soon.

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