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Game News

OnLive Bringing Cloud Gaming Services to Wikipad

OnLive is working with Wikipad to make streaming cloud PC games playable with the Wikipad’s included controller encasing. OnLive is a cloud gaming service that lets users play games via streaming to devices that can be connected to the OnLive controller or other compatible controllers. However, in the case with Wikipad, the controller the tablet sits in will now work with OnLive games.

Hardware News

Wikipad to launch 7″ gaming tablet for $250 instead of 10″ tablet

It seems as though Wikipad and the folks at the company re a bit confused as to what they would like to do in regards to the gaming Android tablet they have been developing for what seems like forever and a day. Originally the Wikipad was not planned to be a 10″ Android gaming tablet until the company announced that it would instead be a 10″ gaming tablet. Now, Wikipad has announced that its Android gaming tablet will be a 7″ one that will retail for $250.