Day: 7 September 2012


Beach Buggy Blitz Review – Forget endless runners, here’s an endless racer

Vector Unit are no strangers to the Android gaming world. They have had two hit games previously, namely the graphically-awesome Riptide GP and the moonshine-smuggling Shine Runner. Now, they’ve got a third game added to their arsenal, Beach Buggy Blitz. Racing a buggy on a beach (yes, they still haven’t completely left the water) sounds awesome, but how does it turn out actually?


Full Fat Games punts NFL Kicker 2013 onto Google Play

Full Fat games have made themselves a name on Android with their flick games. Other than Agent Dash, which we reported about some time ago, all of their titles are known for their use of flick movements, mostly to control balls (golf balls, rugby balls and footballs). Well, they’re coming back this time with yet another NFL game called NFL Kicker 13.


The Price is Right Decades arrives to let you finally be a part of the show

About a month ago Ludia Inc released an official game based off of a television game show. This game was something a lot of people were hoping would make it over to Android and indeed it has. So what is the game we are talkinng about? The Price is Right Decades. In an interesting twist, all I can think about is the movie Happy Gilmore while writing this when Adam Sandler and Bob Barker fought.