The Wikipad gaming tablet drops the 3D feature, increases to 10.1″ as well

The Wikipad gaming tablet is something we have been keeping our eye on ever since we checked it out at CES 2012. Slowly since then the tablet has been evolving with the addition of full gaming controls that attach to the side of the tablet and then Gaikai being integrated onto the device right out of the box.

One of the features that the Wikipad was going to come with was glasses-free 3D which usually doesn’t look that good but the Wikipad, from our testing it out at CES 2012, had actually done a pretty good job with the glasses-free 3D visuals and the quality of it. However, the Wikipad will now not be coming with the glasses-free 3D feature which may be a good thing considering most people think of that feature as a bit of a gimmick.

The Wikipad is also growing in other areas as well. Instead of being the 7″ table we fondled lovingly at CES 2012, it will now be a 10.1″ 1280×800 IPS display tablet. This change is one for the better, at least in my opinion, since it is a device geared towards mobile gaming. Having a bigger screen doesn’t necessarily mean better gaming but you do get to enjoy the eye candy more. The hardware also seems to be getting a boost as the Wikipad will sport a Tegra 3 quad-core chipset running at 1.4GHz as well as 1GB of RAM and at least 16GB of storage.

It will still come with the attachable gaming controls  (dual analog stick, triggers, bumpers, face buttons, a d-pad, start and select buttons) which fit onto the side of the tablet should you want to use some physical controls while gaming. Since Sony bought Gaikai we are not sure if it will still be arriving on the Wikipad when it launches.

As of right now there is no set pricing for the Wikipad although considering the launch time for this device is nearing, we should hear about pricing in the very near future.

Website Referenced: IT World

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