Day: 31 July 2012


RenRen Games reveals their cross-platform MMO strategy game Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe is coming to Android

RenRen Games have told us that they will be bringing their highly successful MMO strategy game (currently on iOS and for browsers) over to Android called Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe. This will feature full cross-platform multiplayer so you will be able to battle it out with your friends even if they are playing the browser version or on their iOS device.


Interview with Kokak Games about future ports, network support for current games and more

Through the last months we’ve covered some news on Kokak Games, the studio behind the graphic remake of two classic FPS games called Doom and Heretic. Well today we’re having a word with Mr. Michaël Ryssen, who happens to be the mind and body behind DoomGLES and HereticGles. He will be with us to speak about some of his past, present and future projects, as well as some other nice stuff you may like.