Funzio brings their hit iOS MMORPG called Modern War to Android

After seeing a huge amount of success with Crime City and eventually being bought by GREE for a large sum of money recently, Funzio has finally brought their hit iOS MMORPG to Android. Modern War, as it is called, will have you trying to take over the world in a fully graphical MMORPG.

Not that being a fully graphical MMORPG is anything new. We have plenty of those on Android already but this would be the first military themed graphical MMORPG to arrive on our platform. As you may expect with a game like this, you will be building up your base, completing missions and battling it out with enemies as well as other players in the hopes of conquering the world.

Modern War Features:

– Massively Multiplayer Online War Game!
– BATTLE other players LIVE!
– Gorgeous HIGH-RES graphics
– Cutting-edge visual effects and animations
– Choose to fight for one of six countries: US, Russia, UK, Germany, China, and Iran
– 100+ POWERFUL air, sea, and ground units
– 60+ military buildings to own
– 300+ different missions
– 200+ goals to complete
– 30+ areas around the world to explore
– 50+ decorations
– Build factories, bunkers, power plants, and more!
– Bomb buildings, blast tanks, and more!
– Invite friends to make your alliance stronger!
– Collect massive income from your base!
– Build a colossal military!
– Enjoy a rich story

While this game is labeled as an MMORPG, it really has a lot of real-time strategy game elements to it which makes it more of an MMORTS than anything else. You will be fighting for one of the six major powers in the game: US, Russia, UK, Germany, Iran and China. As you can see in the features list above, there are a ton of units for you to buy and build your army with along with plenty of missions to complete as well.

Modern War, regardless if you want to call it an MMORPG or an MMORTS, is a bit of a breath of fresh air in terms of military games on Android. Most of these massive multiplayer games that are military themed tend to be completely menu driven titles. If you have been waiting for an actual graphical military MMO to arrive, you can jump over to the Google Play store and pick it up now for free. Like their previous game, Crime City, this one is also supported with in-game purchases.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Google Play Link: Modern War

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