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Age of Empires: Castle Siege coming to Android devices everywhere March 2017

Age of Empires has been a mainstay in the RTS world for almost 20 years now. Coming this March we’ll be able to enjoy it on our Android devices, as well. Microsoft studios has partnered with Smoking Gun interactive to deliver Age of Empires: Castle Siege. While it definitely sounds more in the vein of the rash of mobile war games, I’m hoping it will differentiate itself enough in game play to pay homage to the Franchise.

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Upcoming mobile MMORPG called UnderVerse will also feature AR and GPS mechanics

Ambidexter LLC is a game development studio that is currently working on a new mobile MMORPG that will come with a few unique features that haven’t been found in previous games of this nature. The game, called UnderVerse, will be a cross-platform title between Android and iOS, and will also feature AR (Augmented Reality) and GPS/Location-based mechanics mixed into everything.

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Cross-platform MMORPG AdventureQuest 3D arrives in open beta form for mobile

AdventureQuest as a franchise has been around for awhile now, even having a few spin-off mini-games made from it. The more popular version of this game comes in the form of an online flash game simply called AdventureQuest that came with more of a 2D style of visuals. Now that is getting remade with 3D visuals and other improvements, along with a mobile version as well called AdventureQuest 3D.

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Activision reveals a new companion app for their Skylander franchise called the Skylander Creator

Skylanders fans have a couple of new goodies to look forward to with more expansion to the franchise heading our way soon. While the next Skylanders game that was announced (called Skylanders Imaginators) is for consoles, mobile gamers and fans are not being left behind either. Activision has revealed that Skylanders Imaginators will be getting a companion app called Skylanders Creator.

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[UPDATE: Game Released] Hackers is an upcoming multiplayer game where anyone has a chance to be the best hacker in the world

Trickster Arts has announced their next release for Android called Hackers. This particular game takes place in an alternate reality where software that was designed to make hacking into systems a lot easier to accomplish, with this software also getting released to the public on a grand scale, making it easily accessible to anyone wanting to use it.