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LeapDroid Game Player is a new fast Android emulator for your PC

Emulators are certainly not new when it comes to the Android platform. There’s pretty much an emulator for everything you could want, whether it is for running console or PC games on your Android device, or the exact opposite, which is running Android games on your PC. There’s a new emulator that has just received its first public release called LeapDroid and it claims to be the fastest Android emulator in the world.

Game News

Snail Games has globally launched their newest game called Kingdom Warriors onto Android

Back near the end of May 2016 we reported on a rather interesting looking title that would be coming from Snail Games soon called Kingdom Warriors. Back then the game had opened up pre-registration as well for anyone interested in signing up ahead of launch to earn a few extra in-game rewards when the game is released. Well Snail Games has officially globally launched Kingdom Warriors onto Android today.