Day: 22 June 2016


Cast spells on your opponent by drawing them on the screen in We Are Magic, now available from Google Play

Released by Toast-Games, We Are Magic is a 3D PvP, with a fantasy theme to it. In this game, players will assemble a deck of sorts, that are comprised of spells. These spells are either related to an elemental class, such as water, fire, or nature, or a specialization of either light or shadow. There are thirteen different elemental spells for each category, and fifteen for each of the specializations available.


Upcoming VR adventure game Space Rift gets its first trailer

bitComposer’s upcoming multi-platform VR adventure game Space Rift has finally had its first trailer released. This particular game places players into the cockpit of a spaceship, armed of course, and flying through space with you at the controls of said spaceship. Once you begin the game you will be following the storyline with the end goal being that of saving humanity.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Rodeo Stampede from publishers of Crossy Road comes to Android this week.

At this point, most people have heard of Crossy Road. It is a polygonal juggernaut of a game that reinvigorated the simple premise of Frogger. When its publishers Yodo 1 teamed with creators Hipster Whale, the team provided so much more than what anyone could have expected. The game was simple, fun and enthralling. This week Yodo 1 and Featherweight Games, bring Rodeo Stampede to Android and iOS. The game looks just as engaging and fun as Crossy Road. Rodeo Stampede will arrive in the Play Store June 23rd.


EA releases Pets Unleashed into the Play Store

Just ahead of most games releasing in the Play Store today and tomorrow, EA Games just released Pets Unleashed. Pets Unleashed is a match three game that is based on the movie that will release July 8th entitled: The Secret Life of Pets. The movie is created by the same team that made the movie Despicable Me. If you enjoy match 3 puzzle games, then you know what to expect with this one. There are some pretty neat animations in the game, and the game looks pretty lengthy too.