Day: 18 August 2016


Survive as a lone white orb against an invasion of red orbs in Drup, now available from Google Play

Released be Pashan, Drup – Dodge and Evolve is a new casual game that’s available for Android. In Drup, players will be controlling a white dot which is striving to stave off its own demise by all the red orbs that are attempting to destroy it. Players will move the the white orb around defensively, but there is a trail of smaller orbs that follow it that players can use as a weapon.


Q*Bert hops his way onto Nvidia Shield in Q*Bert: Rebooted

One of the most beloved arcade games of all time, Q*Bert, has launched on Nvidia’s flagship Android gaming platform, Nvidia Shield, in Q*Bert: Rebooted. While the game previously released on other platforms, it arrives this week with some new Shield specific enhancements including eight exclusive tracks by EDM artist ENV, revamped visuals and UI that take advantage of Shield’s processing power and re-balanced controls.


Ronan Casey has released Not Golf onto Android, so you’re not really playing Golf

Indie developer Ronan Casey has released their first game onto Android called Not Golf. As you may be guessing from the title, this isn’t a Golf game, although it is pretty similar to one. In this game players will be making their way through the course of their choice, but instead of trying to get a ball into a hole in the ground, you’re trying to hit a target in one shot while the ball is airborne.


Lemon Jam Studio releases Into Mirror, a cyberpunk action game. It is in open beta as part of Google Play Early Access games

Lemon Jam Studio has been busy lately. If you have been following games that are rolling out as part of Google Play’s early access games, then you may be aware of what they have been working on. Their latest game is in collaboration with Unknown Game Studio and it is titled Into Mirror. It is a sleek cyberpunk action platforming game with an intriguing story. Into Mirror released on iOS a few months ago and we had heard it was coming to Google Play eventually. It looks like Lemon Jam Studio is getting closer to releasing it, and the early access version of the game is a good sign.