Day: August 1, 2016


Help save the world through idle clicking in Shadow Clicker, now available from Google Play

Released by UPgames, Shadow Clicker is a new idle clicking game for the Android platform. In Shadow Clicker, players are looking to save their world from dark forces that are hell-bent on conquering it. You will use the simple mechanic of tapping in order to do battle with, and hopefully defeat, the hordes of monsters, as well as other functions such as opening chests and collecting treasure.


Pokemon GO gets updated with footprint removal and other tweaks, kills 3rd party services

If you play Pokemon GO then you already know that for what seems like forever, the in-game radar system has been completely botched. Part of it was removed and they rest of it bugged out, or something along those lines. Whatever the case may be, it resulted in what is now known as the 3-step bug, which is where every Pokemon, no matter how close they are, appear in the game’s remaining radar features as being the max distance away.