Square Enix unveils Kamitsuri, a new ‘dramatic RPG’ coming to mobile soon

Square Enix has announced today that they are working on a new RPG called Kamitsuri for mobile devices. This particular game will be a ‘dramatic RPG’, although what that exactly means remains to be seen, since some of the later Final Fantasy titles and other games the company release were pretty dramatic with their storylines.

For those of you wondering what Kamitsuri means, it translates roughly into “God Fishing”, and judging from the newly released trailer for Kamitsuri, there’s plenty of fishing involved. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of details about this game as of yet besides what we already mentioned and what we see in the trailer, which is that this looks to include Puzzle-RPG style of gameplay for at least part of the game.

One thing we do know is that it will be arriving for Android and iOS, and pre-registration is already available for Kamitsuri for folks over in Japan. While there’s no official word on a Western release, we will probably see this particular title arrive after the Japanese release.

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