Day: 7 July 2016


[Update: UK Release] All Systems Go! Pokemon GO Being Released by Region, be Sure to Stay Safe.

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the venerable Pokémon franchise, and gamers that have been “catching them all” since their childhood have an all new reason to dust off their Pokédex, rejoin the fray, and catalog the (sometimes) cute critters. As of this yesterday morning, Niantic Inc., the developer behind the popular augmented reality game Ingress, has begun launching Pokémon Go to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store by region. 


Square Enix has finally brought Final Fantasy VII over to mobile devices

In a drip, drip, drip pattern, Square Enix has slowly been porting Final Fantasy games over to Android. Their latest release onto the platform, Final Fantasy 7, should be great news for fans of the franchise. For those too young to remember it when initially released in ’97, this is the game that brought us Cloud Strife, who is hired by AVALANCHE, which is an eco-terrorist group.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Activision and Sony announces a new Ghostbusters game heading to Android this Summer called Ghostbusters: Slime City

Announced jointly by both Activision and Sony, Android gamers will now have a new Ghostbusters game to enjoy soon. Dubbed Ghostbusters: Slime City, this game will focus on events that are to take place after what’s to be shown in the upcoming movie. As the premise goes, players will be assuming the role of a squad of rookies, who have been charged with watching over station while their more famous counterparts are doing more high profile work around the country.


[Update: Game Released] Mi-Clos have revealed their next addition to their Out There franchise and it will be arriving this Summer

Out There is the outer space survival and management game that was released by Mi-Clos onto Android a couple of years back. They have announced that the game is slated to get a prequel of sorts, that will arrive in the next couple of months. The story behind this is that players will assume the role of a person who was put into a deep slumber/stasis, only to wake up a full one million years later. Oh, and you don’t awaken on Earth.