Day: July 4, 2016

Game News

Snail Games has globally launched their newest game called Kingdom Warriors onto Android

Back near the end of May 2016 we reported on a rather interesting looking title that would be coming from Snail Games soon called Kingdom Warriors. Back then the game had opened up pre-registration as well for anyone interested in signing up ahead of launch to earn a few extra in-game rewards when the game is released. Well Snail Games has officially globally launched Kingdom Warriors onto Android today.

Game News

Evade linear hazards and snatch up coins in Squiggle Dodge, now out on Google Play

Released by FIFO Games, Squiggle Dodge is a new casual game for Android. Squiggle dodge has a minimalist bend to it’s visuals, as players will be controlling a unit that’s basically an arrow head, and dodging lines that traverse the screen from anywhere along the periphery of said screen. Admittedly the visuals of the game look quite nice, despite being so simple.

Game News

[Update: Release Date and Trailer] Mi-Clos have revealed their next addition to their Out There franchise and it will be arriving this Summer

Out There is the outer space survival and management game that was released by Mi-Clos onto Android a couple of years back. They have announced that the game is slated to get a prequel of sorts, that will arrive in the next couple of months. The story behind this is that players will assume the role of a person who was put into a deep slumber/stasis, only to wake up a full one million years later. Oh, and you don’t awaken on Earth.