Activision reveals a new companion app for their Skylander franchise called the Skylander Creator

Skylanders fans have a couple of new goodies to look forward to with more expansion to the franchise heading our way soon. While the next Skylanders game that was announced (called Skylanders Imaginators) is for consoles, mobile gamers and fans are not being left behind either. Activision has revealed that Skylanders Imaginators will be getting a companion app called Skylanders Creator.

So what will this companion app do? Well users of the Skylanders Creator companion application will be able to customize each Imaginator’s appearance. This includes their weapons, catchphrase and more. The companion app will also feature a Creation Gallery. This is where users will be able to browse all of their created Imaginators in one place. If you happen to be proud of a particular creation you’ve made, you’ll be able to share it for others to check out and even use.

When you pick the Imaginator you want to customize from the console game, you can transfer it to your app using audio technology, which sounds rather interesting. However, Activision did not expand on how this works on the technical side of things. Users can also open Timed Chests which can contain new parts to customize your Imaginator with. As the name suggests, these chests are only available at certain times during each day.

Lastly, every day one of the ‘Senseis’ from the Skylanders Imaginators console game will give you a special Sensei Chest. These special chests will contain special parts that are unique to that particular Skylander.

Once you’re done creating a custom look for your Imaginator, you will be presented with the option to ‘Immortalize’ them in the real world and you’ll have three different options to accomplish this. Option one is where you can purchase a 3D-printed version of your new custom Imaginator, in full color, and on a base enclosed in a clear dome, so you can present it properly on a shelf or other area you keep your collectible. They are completely playable in the console game as well.

Option two will have your custom Imaginator put on a T-shirt, so you can wear your new Imaginator. The T-shirt will feature a full color image of your Imaginator on the front, along with the character’s name, Battle Class and Elemental alignment. The shirts are available in most sizes for both adults and children. Option three is to have your Imaginator put on its own special trading card. These are called Imaginator Cards and are similar in style to other cards found in other real world TCG franchises like Magic the Gathering. These will feature a full color image of your custom Imaginator, and you will be able to use the cards to bring your Imaginators to life within the console game.

The 3D-printed Imaginator will run you $49.99 and if you live within North America, you’ll get it with free shipping. Outside of North America will incur shipping charges and those will vary depending on where you live of course. The Imaginator T-shirts will run you $29.99 plus shipping regardless of being in North America or outside of it. The Imaginator Cards will cost $14.99 with free shipping within North America.

For those of you interested in snapping up a copy of this companion app, it will be available in a slightly staggered release. Folks living in Australia and New Zealand will be able to download the free companion app off of Google Play on October 13th, 2016, while people living in Europe will be able to snag a copy on October 14th. Everyone in North America will be able to download the Skylanders Creator app on October 16th, 2016. The actual console game will also be arriving on October 13th.

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