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Activision reveals a new companion app for their Skylander franchise called the Skylander Creator

Skylanders fans have a couple of new goodies to look forward to with more expansion to the franchise heading our way soon. While the next Skylanders game that was announced (called Skylanders Imaginators) is for consoles, mobile gamers and fans are not being left behind either. Activision has revealed that Skylanders Imaginators will be getting a companion app called Skylanders Creator.


Skylanders jumps into the world of TCG titles with the global release of Skylanders Battlecast for mobile

The Skylanders franchise has gotten a new game added to its catalog today called Skylanders Battlecast. This particular game has been in a region-specific soft launch for a bit now, but today is the game’s global launch. The interesting part about this game is that it follows the Skylanders tradition of having a physical product that players can purchase in stores. So, just like with the Skylanders figurines that you can scan into your games, Skylanders Battlecast physical cards can be purchased and scanned into this game as well.


Activision finally putting more focus onto mobile gaming, specifically with the Kindle Fire HD

While a lot of the major labels in the gaming industry have already solidified their place, at least to some extent, in the mobile gaming scene, Activision Blizzard are pretty late to the game in terms of releases. However, with the formation of their new division, Activision Mobile, they are now ready to focus more on mobile gaming and, interestingly enough, when it comes to Android it will be with the Kindle Fire HD tablets.