Day: 14 September 2012


The new Hello Kitty Coffee game has some strange permission requests

When a game is released onto Google Play a lot of people check the permissions of the game to make sure it is legit and doesn’t pose any sort of security risk. A new official Hello Kitty game by Gamezen has just been released and whether or not this game is the best thing since sliced bread, reading the permissions list is like reading a manual into how not to release a game with a plethora of unneeded permissions.


Tetris now being offered up for free on the Amazon AppStore

The classic puzzle game that seems to somehow manage to survive after all this time, Tetris, is now available on the Amazon AppStore for free for today only as Amazon’s free app of the day. While we are pretty sure everyone on the planet knows what Tetris is, and probably owns a copy of the game in one form or another, if you happen to have access to the Amazon AppStore, you can grab a copy of it today for free.


Sword of Fargoal remake on Kickstarter could be coming to Android if successful

Classic dungeon crawling game fans may want to start getting excited as a classic title from 1982 could be making its way to Android devices thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign. The new campaign is for developing and releasing a completely re-imaged version of the classic game Sword of Fargoal for multiple platforms, one of which will be Android if their stretch goal is achieved.


Activision finally putting more focus onto mobile gaming, specifically with the Kindle Fire HD

While a lot of the major labels in the gaming industry have already solidified their place, at least to some extent, in the mobile gaming scene, Activision Blizzard are pretty late to the game in terms of releases. However, with the formation of their new division, Activision Mobile, they are now ready to focus more on mobile gaming and, interestingly enough, when it comes to Android it will be with the Kindle Fire HD tablets.


To-Fu 2 arrives onto Google Play, bringing more To-Fu flinging action with it

It was only back in June of this year when Devolver Digital released To-Fu: The Trials of Chi onto Google Play. The rather unique puzzle platformer has since done quite well for itself, most likely to the unique style of gameplay that it comes with. Well Devolver Digital has now released a second part in the series, appropriately named To-Fu 2, bringing with it more elastic To-Fu flinging goodness with it.


Amazon’s new 7″ Kindle Fire HD beginis shipping out today

Last week Amazon unveiled a whole new line-up of tablets that are the second generation of the Kindle Fire and along with their announcement, Amazon said that two of the tablets would begin shipping out today. The new Kindle Fire HD line was actually fairly big, coming with a variety of models depending on what you wanted, whether it is a smaller 7″ tablet, a bigger 8.9″ WiFi version or even an 4G/LTE edition of the 8.9″ tablet. Well for those of you who pre-ordered the 7″ variety of the Kindle Fire HD, those units begin shipping out today.